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We are system integrators creating actionable insights from your vast amount of data allowing you to develop great engagement experiences with patients, doctors, customers and employees.

Most modern health systems and companies have multiple operational systems storing more data than they know what to do with and they are consistently accumulating more and more data. We start by understanding the business problems they are trying to solve and develop an Enterprise Data Warehouse to help solve those problems. This includes a Master Data Management methodology that ensures consistency of data across the entire enterprise. The EDW is used then to drive actionable insights into the business problems and results in deliverables that help them improve safety, lower risk, cut costs, increase efficiency and increase satisfaction.

Along with the EDW showing you valuable insights into your business, we help leverage those insights to drive customer engagement. We live in a world where everyone is connected digitally in some way or another. We put systems and processes in place to help you engage with individuals including patients, doctors, customers and employees. People expect digital connections and we help you transform your business creating satisfying customer experiences and journeys by ensuring consistent messaging across email, user portals, mobile applications, text messaging and social media just to name a few. We connect these platforms with your data to drive customer engagement.


RedLeif Systems differentiates itself by being consultative integrators. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk with you. We have the ability to connect large complex data systems into a single solution and drive actionable results in a timely manner. We are innovators, integrators and technologists who understand the business drivers behind every system.

What We Do
" RedLeif System’s expertise and advice made a significant difference in the way our ministry engaged with technology. Not only did we see an immediate and significant increase in our social media platforms, but we continue to benefit greatly from their advice. I would highly encourage any business or ministry to find out what RedLeif Systems can do for them. "
" RedLeif Systems developed a solution for us that was simple
and exactly what we asked for. 


Data Intuition

Knowing what, when, where and how to accumulate information

Business Insights

Creating intuitive knowledge to drive actionable results

Innovative Technology

Connecting systems to simplify delivery

User Engagement

Building deep relationships through dynamic interactions

Digital Transformation

Revamping business to meet customer demand

Customer Loyalty

Developing experiences customers come back for



Little Rock, Arkansas



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